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EQP Gold Partner

Further proof of our commitment to quality standards is Gaia Herbs Professional Solutions®’ acceptance into the Emerson Quality Program℠ (EQP) as a Gold Partner, the program’s highest level. This ground breaking quality assurance program for the nutritional supplement industry provides practitioners with manufacturer-specific quality and safety information to assist in confidently recommending the best product to patients. We were awarded this top level honor after an extensive data submission process, including proof of cGMP compliance, an on-site audit, raw material identity and purity validation, label claim and stability validation, and much more.

To be accepted into the Emerson Quality Program (EQP), a manufacturer must undergo a rigorous evaluation and audit process. “I had the opportunity of auditing Gaia’s facility as part of their EQP Gold Partner verification,” said Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO, and Vice President of Quality and Education at Emerson Ecologics. “I was most impressed with the exemplary quality of Gaia’s facility. Their organic farms are beautiful and their manufacturing facility and in-house analytical laboratory are excellent. Gaia is truly a leader in producing the highest quality botanical extracts.”

The objective of the EQP is to provide a convenient information portal for healthcare practitioners interested in recommending high quality dietary supplements to their patients. “The launch of EQP was inspired by the knowledge that medical practitioners spent too much time searching for evidence and independent verification for supplements. By making all the data needed to make informed decisions regarding quality and efficacy easily accessible, we have done this homework for them,” said Fran Towey, President of Emerson Ecologics. “This ideal of educated physicians and patients is shared by Gaia Herbs Professional Solutions, which is evident in their continued commitment to quality and sustainability.”

To learn more about the EQP please visit Emerson’s website.