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Meet Your Herbs

With knowledge comes empowerment. With empowerment, there is a renewed sense of awareness. And with awareness comes the ability to make healthy choices. This is why Gaia is the only medicinal herb manufacturer that assures you of purity, integrity and potency in our products by allowing you to truly “Meet Your Herbs.”

How to UseMeet Your Herbs?

  • Locate your Herb ID on the product's packaging
  • Enter an Herb ID to search for your product's batch
  • Discover Industry-leading Herbal Transparency
Where to find ID?
Your Product ID can be found on the back of your product.

Herb Reference Guide

Carefully compiled by our formulators and product education team and integrated with expert references and resources, our Herb Reference Guide lets you enhance your relationship with herbs by giving you a comprehensive profile of each plant.

The meticulous attention our scientists devote to the entire process allows us to share complete transparency through Meet Your Herbs. We go beyond the minimum regulated standards to ensure our customers have confidence in our herbal supplements.


Chief Scientist and VP of Scientific Affairs, Gaia Herbs
Harnessing traditional wisdom, delivering Nature’s vitality
Full spectrum formulas for an herb’s full array of beneficial compounds
Nothing artificial and rigorously quality tested at every step
Know what’s in your supplement— Meet Your Herbs to learn more