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The team at Gaia is proud of the commitment we have to sustainable business practices.

In this spirit, we are proud to share our 2018 Gaia Herbs Sustainability Report, which measures efforts across each area of our business. This report pays homage to the work that we all do collectively – every day – to have a positive impact on the environment, in our local community, and in the communities where we work around the world.

The year 2018 marked Gaia’s 31st year in business and was an incredible year of growth at our company. Financial growth and profitability are critical to our business, as they enable us to continue sharing our products with more people and invest in our sustainability programs. At Gaia Herbs, growth also encompasses how we expand our social impact programs, how we nurture and care for the earth, and how we cultivate and grow our dedication to the health, happiness, and professional development of our employees. In this context, profit is not a means to an end, but a vehicle to grow our mission: To cultivate health and well-being by stewarding the sustainable relationship between plants and people.

It is our vision as a company to promote herbal based wellness and holistic health, regenerate land and ecosystems, and build community resilience – but we can’t do this alone. Gaia’s sustainability work illuminates how important our partnerships are with mission aligned vendors, accounts, and non-profit organizations, who are all working hard in various areas towards the same future.

We hope you take pause to look over this vital part of our story, and that it inspires you to continue growing this part of your own sustainability story, so that the ripple continues to expand.

Download the 2018 Sustainability Report