Gaia Professionals

Free Webinar Optimal Digestive Health with Food & Herbs*.   Recorded April 22, 2020. Presented by Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, ND

Digestive health has been a major area of interest. So many people are affected by functional digestive disorders, and in addition, deficiencies in digestive health have been implicated as a predisposing factor in general immune health, hormone balance, mood, and other conditions. In this presentation, attendees learned about the key considerations to ensure an optimally healthy gut.* Participants learned about key nutritional approaches for digestive health and when they are indicated, we highlighted key functional foods for pre and probiotic nutrients, and we discussed the most effective herbs for digestive wellness.*
Herbs covered included: Chamomile, Ginger, Lemon Balm, Oregon Grape, Black Walnut, Sweet Wormwood, Oregano, Larch, Acacia, and Marshmallow.