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Plant Polyphenols: Metabolism Matters *

Free Webinar Plant Polyphenols: Metabolism Matters *.   Recorded August 23, 2022. Presented by Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO

Plant polyphenols such as curcumin, anthocyanidins, hesperidin, isoflavones, to name a few, generate predictable biological effects despite their poor bioavailability. Much of what we know about plant medicine derives from the vast body of in-vitro data. However, polyphenols are heavily metabolized upon ingestion. These metabolites can carry potent biological activity and may explain the apparent paradoxical relationship of low bioavailability and high bioactivity of plant polyphenols. This webinar reviewed the metabolism of plant polyphenols and in so doing challenge current conceptions of dosing and toxicity.*