Gaia Professionals

Free Webinar Support for an Aging Nervous System: Nutrition and Botanical Options*.   Recorded October 29, 2018. Presented by Dina Ranade, RDN, RH(AHG), IFNCP.

Positive support for the nervous system is an integral partner for healthy aging. A calm, nourished, balanced response to modern day stress makes physical and emotional well-being achievable. The challenges of aging, including loneliness and grief, sleep alterations, cognitive changes, physical challenges, decreasing independence and financial concerns, all of which challenge nervous system resiliency and affect quality of life. This webinar offered nutrition and botanical options to cultivate a strong, adaptable nervous system for the older adult. Botanicals discussed included milky oat, rosemary, ginseng, hawthorn, holy basil, gotu kola and several delicious others (lemon balm, linden, chamomile, lavender).