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A Bear of a Problem: Brain on Fire

Parents all over the nation are feeling like their children have been stolen in the night after having an immune challenge and waking up a different child the next day. Practitioners are left to support a family stunned by their changed child and being told it’s not physically treatable. Learn the powerful plants that help to rescue a child whose brain is on fire and also learn which plants to avoid that may make the situation worse.*

Herbs discussed include Bacopa, Magnolia, Baical Skullcap, Albizia, and Astragalus.

Webinar : A Bear of a Problem: Brain on Fire*

Download webinar Recorded on April 30, 2019. Presented by Dr. Jill Crista, ND.

Herb Research Reviews: Magnolia

This papers provide a summary of relevant clinical research, clinical application, and dosing and safety considerations for the following herbs: magnolia.

A Research Review of Magnolia by Dr. Lise Alschuler, ND