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Adrenal Dysregulation

Adrenal dysregulation refers to a dysregulation or dysfunction in the normal circadian rhythm of cortisol secretion. Throughout the circadian rhythm cycle, there are pulsatile secretions of cortisol with various different amplitudes. Dysfunction of hypothalamic-pituitary axis can play a role in both sleep and anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders can manifest differently in women and can worsen premenstrually, postpartum and in the perimenopausal transition. Insomnia is pandemic in midlife women, although the cause remains unexplained within the scientific community.

The white paper and webinars below examine both evidence-based and traditional approaches to using select botanicals with particular attention to the influence of cortisol on sleep disturbance. It will also discuss the influence of hormonal states on insomnia and anxiety.

Webinar : Adrenal Dysregulation and the Decline of Adaptation Mechanisms - Botanical Solutions for Adrenal Support

Download webinar Recorded on October 14, 2014. Presented by Dr. Tori Hudson, ND.

This webinar provides content focused on common yet challenging situations of adrenal dysregulation including issues with sleep, energy, and mood. Evidence based as well as traditional uses of botanicals will be reviewed, and suggestions for treatment protocols with case examples will be discussed.

Herbs to be covered include: Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Eleutherococcus, and Schisandra.


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