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Better Turmeric Nutrition

Like chia seeds in your teeth, having yellow-orange stains on your tongue and fingers is one of the health badges many are wearing with pride these days. As turmeric stains its way onto Top Trends lists in 2015, many are wondering – is it a health fad or worthy fashion; why; how to get it to our patients and who, if anyone, needs to avoid turmeric? In this webinar, we discuss this ancient root, from its medicinal and food history, to its benefits and uses for today’s bodies. A Qualitarian, Ashley Koff RD will also help sort out the different turmeric offerings to make sure you match your patients with the best sources.

Webinar : Better Turmeric Nutrition, Simplified: What's Turmeric Got To Do With Better Health?

Download webinar Recorded October 27, 2015. Presented by Ashley Koff, RD