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Botanical Support for Joint Health: Supporting a Healthy Inflammatory Response

The World Health Organization proclaimed a Decade of Joint Health, because it is such a widespread public health concern. Although conventional medical diagnosis attempts to assign a differential diagnosis of one specific kind of joint challenge, in reality, many people exhibit a continuum of issues. For example, even if ‘wear and tear’ is part of the cause, pro-inflammatory cytokines are often also involved, leading to accelerated tissue concerns. In this webinar we will review inflammatory pathways and mediators, such as NF-?B. We will discuss botanicals that can modulate these pathways, and exhibit other supportive actions, that lead to enhanced patient comfort.

Herbs to be discussed:
• Jamaican Dogwood
• Ginger
• Devil’s claw
• Boswellia
• Turmeric
• Hawthorn
• Ashwagandha
• Rosemary
• Nettle Leaf
• Others: Hops, California Poppy, etc.

Webinar : Botanical Support for Joint Health:Supporting a Healthy Inflammatory Response

Download webinar Recorded April 27, 2016. Presented by Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG, AHN-BC.