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Keeping Kids Healthier with Herbs

When it comes to kids’ health, the keys are to support their developing immune system, especially when a temporary challenge or stressor occurs. Herbal remedies function uniquely to support and aid the body’s own immune system to be both an ongoing first line of defense, as well as a potent first line of attack. It is also important to support their sleep patterns, as disruptions to sleep can have a direct impact on immune health. But are herbal remedies safe for kids? And how does your patient or the parent know what to choose, how to dose, and how long to take it?

In this webinar, we cover:

-Overview of immune system
-How foods and herbs help support a healthy immune system*
-Why herbal remedies are helpful at the onset of an immune challenge*
-Spices (allspice, clove)
-Why quality matters

Webinar : Keeping Kids Healthier with Herbs

Download webinar Recorded on February 10, 2015. Presented by Ashley Koff, RD.