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Supportive Strategies for Normal Histamine Response

Sensitivities to certain foods and environmental agents has increased among the general population in recent years. This may be due to better awareness of these situations, in addition to the fact that the actual numbers of affected individuals is on a rapid incline. In this presentation, we will discuss and clarify many aspects related to supporting histamine response including: major classes of agents posing the greatest concern, FDA label requirements regarding these agents, the different types of sensitivities, how these sensitivities may manifest in an individual, IGG vs IGE, and research linking pesticides and GMO’s to sensitivities, especially since there is a cross contamination between species. The importance of digestive health as both a cause and effect of food and environmental sensitivities will be explored. We will also investigate natural foods, herbs, and supplements that can support the histamine response, and the use of simple techniques such as muscle testing to help sensitive individuals avoid offending substances.

Some of the herbs discussed include: turmeric, black pepper, star anise, stinging nettle, eyebright, and elderberry.

Webinar : Supportive strategies for normal histamine response

Download webinar Recorded January 17, 2017. Presented by Dr. Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG, AHN-BC