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Boswellia serrata

The resin of the Boswellia serrata trees is a common and important herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Also known as Indian Frankincense, Boswellia has traditionally been used to support a response to occasional pain and to promote a healthy inflammatory response.* It also has a long history of use to support the liver and promote healthy cholesterol levels within normal ranges.* These branching trees, which can be quite large, grow in the dry and mountainous regions of India, the Middle East and Northern Africa, where Boswellia resin and incense have a deep history of cultural and medicinal use.

What is Boswellia Used For?

_Boswellia serrata_ contains naturally occurring triterpenoids, beta-boswellic acid and its structural-related derivatives. Those constituents are what allow Boswellia to support a healthy inflammatory response.* In some cells, Boswellic acid supports apoptosis, which is end of the normal cell life cycle.* It supports healthy, comfortable joints.* According to research, Boswellia appears to work synergistically with the Curcumins in Turmeric, which is why Gaia Herbs combines these herbs in formulations that support musculoskeletal health and occasional pain.*


Traditional Health Benefits of Boswellia

Foundational Support
Foundational Support

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