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Coriandrum sativum

Many are familiar with the culinary uses of Cilantro leaf, one of the most popular spices used in Latin American cuisine and referred to by the common name, cilantro. The dried seeds of Cilantro are referred to as coriander and are also used in cooking, especially in curries from various parts of India, and in Chinese, Portuguese, and African cooking. The plant itself is in the Apiaceae family and is native to a very wide region spanning southern Europe, North Africa and southwestern Asia. Cilantro is actually the Spanish word for Corrianer derived from the Latin; Coriandrum.

What is Cilantro Used For?

Both the leaves and seed (oil) have been tested for antioxidant activity and been determined to contain these properties*. The leaves seem to have the highest amount of activity in regard to antioxidants. The mechanism of action is still unclear. A literature search also found traditional use of Cilantro (leaf and seed) as a diuretic.*


Traditional Health Benefits of Cilantro

Urinary Tract Support
Urinary Tract Support

Additional Information on this Herb

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