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Cola acuminata

Cola nut trees have been an important part of African culture for centuries, particularly in Nigeria and West Africa. Africans have long used the pods to relieve nausea, and hangover. The wood is also used to build houses, and boats. The nuts are traditionally used as a stimulant and the roots to clean teeth and sweeten breath. Cola nut plays a significant role in traditional African hospitality and social ceremonies. Friends even send nuts as invitations or congratulations. The name for cola drinks is derived from this plant, although the cola nut is no longer used as an ingredient in most commercial drinks.

What is Cola Used For?

Cola nuts are used internally as an ingredient for tonics, where there is occasional mental and physical exhaustion. Cola nuts are astringent and bitter-sweet, and because of the naturally occurring caffeine may have a stimulating effect in the body. The cola nut contains 1% to 2.5% caffeine and is responsible for its primary effect in the body.


Traditional Health Benefits of Cola

Energy Support
Energy Support

Additional Information on this Herb

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