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Cuminum cyminum

Cumin is an Apiaceae plant family member native to the eastern Mediterranean and India. The powdered and whole seeds from the Cumin fruit are used in many types of traditional Indian dishes such as Curry. Cumin seeds are mentioned in the Bible, have been unearthed at ancient Egyptian tombs, and show up in multiple mythologies and folk tales dating back over 5,000 years. Cumin seed was thought to enhance fidelity, and is mentioned as a part of an ancient aphrodisiac potion along with cayenne pepper and honey.

What is Cumin Used For?

The pungent, peppery flavors of Cumin add to its value as a culinary spice as well as its function for helping ease digestive complaints.* The property of this flavor known as a carminative is to help dispel gas from the digestive tract.* There are some studies almost exclusively done in vitro, indicating some promise for the essential oil extract of Cumin seeds as an antibacterial agent.*


Traditional Health Benefits of Cumin

Digestive Support
Digestive Support

Additional Information on this Herb

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