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Devil's Claw

Harpagophytum procumbens

This is a plant from South Africa long valued by the native people to support the inflammatory response, help manage the pain response, and tonify digestion.* The interesting name of the genus means literally "hook plant" which refers to the hook like structures on the seed meant to cling to animals, an adaptation the plant has made to insure it’s proper distribution. The plant was taken to Europe from South Africa in the 1800’s by colonists and used specifically as a plant medicine.

What is Devil's Claw Used For?

Research has centered on a group of constituents called Harpoagosides that are classified as iridoid glycosides. The roots and tubers also contain plant sterols with small amounts of Beta Sitosterol contributing to those constituents. Recent data provide evidence that Harpagophytum extracts have a broad mechanism of action by interacting with both the cyclo‐oxygenase‐ (COX) and lipoxygenase‐mediated pathways of the arachidonic acid cascade as well as with the release of cytokines.*


Traditional Health Benefits of Devil's Claw

Foundational Support
Foundational Support

Additional Information on this Herb

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