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Scrophularia nodosa

Figwort or Carpenter’s square as it was known to the Eclectic Physicians has over 200 species listed in most botany books. All these species share the same square stems, opposite leaves and terminal clusters of bi-lipped flowers. Bees love the nectar from figwort plants. The name scropularia comes from the medical term “scrofula” which is another name for a Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in the lymph glands of the neck.

What is Figwort Used For?

It has been used primarily to assist with conditions of the skin where swelling and disrupted lymphatic function contribute*. It can be considered an alterative, an herb that alters the constitution and composition of blood and lymph by restoring the correct removal of cellular waste and encouraging the uptake of nutrition by the cell*.  It is also a mild diuretic, encouraging the removal of those wastes through the kidneys*.


Traditional Health Benefits of Figwort

Urinary Tract Support
Urinary Tract Support
Liver & Cleanse Support
Liver & Cleanse Support

Additional Information on this Herb

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