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Vitus vinifera

There are few agricultural products that rival the grape in importance historically. All parts of the plant have been used since pre-history. The plant has provided humans with raisins, vinegar, oil, table fruit, wine, and recently medicinal extracts from the skin and seeds. It is estimated that there are at least 20 million acres of Grape under cultivation yielding 60 to 70 million tons of Grapes a year. The wild species of cultivated grape Vitis sylvestris, is dioecious meaning it carries both male and female flowers and needs to be pollinated before it will produce a fruit. The domesticated species V. vinifera is a hermaphrodite and more easily yields fruit. This relationship is a prime example of our reliance and intimacy on plants for health, economic prosperity, religious and historical enrichment.

What is Grape Used For?

The seeds of Vitis vinifera yield oil that contains about 67% linoleic acid. It has culinary and topical applications for cosmetics due to its emollient properties. Modern research has unlocked the health giving benefits of the seed extract found in the antioxidant components known as procyanidins or OPC's.* There have been several clinical trials to test the effects of grape seed extract, and the results, while mixed, point to great health advantages for numerous structures and functions of the human body for use of this herb.*


Traditional Health Benefits of Grape

Vision Support
Vision Support
Heart Support
Heart Support

Additional Information on this Herb

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