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Tagetes spp (T. erecta & T. patula)

Marigolds play an important role in traditional culture and medicine of Mexico and North and South America. The flower is known as “flower of the dead” in Mexico, and was cultivated by ancient Aztecs and modern Mexicans for the annual Day of the Dead ceremony. It is also used in festivals in Nepal, India, Thailand, and Ukraine. The flower petals were used in food, as a skin wash, and for yellow dye. Marigold was used traditionally for supporting healthy digestion and gastrointestinal function, and for supporting immune function. The dried, ground flowers are used as chicken feed as a source of carotenoids to enhance the color and nutrition of egg yolks, and as a yellow food dye in Europe. Marigolds are commonly known today as a gardening tool to protect plants against nematodes when planted in fields.

What is Marigold Used For?

Marigold is most commonly used today as a source of carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin, for supporting healthy vision Topical applications of marigold have been used to support healthy foot tissue in healthy volunteers with bunions.


Traditional Health Benefits of Marigold

Vision Support
Vision Support

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