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Red Raspberry

Rubus idaeus

The raspberry plant is native to Europe and Northern Asia and is a member of the Rose family of plants. As a wild plant, Rubus idaeus typically grows in forests, forming open stands under a tree canopy, and denser stands in clearings. In the south of its native range (southern Europe and central Asia), it only occurs at high altitudes in mountains. The species name idaeus refers to its occurrence on Mount Ida in northwest Turkey. The United States is the world’s third-largest producer of raspberries. Although production occurs across much of the country, most of it is concentrated in Washington, California and Oregon. Washington State leads the nation in red raspberry (Rubus idaeus) production.

What is Red Raspberry Used For?

Raspberry leaf tea is delicious resembling a rich, earthy black tea without the caffeine. The astringent properties of Raspberry leaf have been investigated in scientific studies. It is estimated that 0ne out of every five women who are pregnant drink Raspberry leaf tea. The leaves contain up to 10% iron in addition to many other minerals and vitamins. It is one of the highest known plant sources of manganese containing 14.6 mg per 100gm.


Traditional Health Benefits of Red Raspberry

Immune Support
Immune Support

Additional Information on this Herb

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